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Originally created for Forestry and heavy vegetation applications including 3-6 year overgrowth and trees up to 8 inches, the LV800 will mulch and shred anything and everything in its path. HPA have two heads for the machine, one being a standard mowing head and the other a specially build forestry mulching head.

The flail head is equipped with carbide teeth in two varieties – fixed and 360° rotation.

This beast of a mower is enclosed in a forestry cage protecting its hydraulics and components from falling branches and debris. 

The LV800 is the largest forestry and heavy vegetation mower in Australia featuring a 500′ radius of remote operation protecting the operator from the same environmental dangers.

The LV800 is compliant with the EPA tier 4 final standard. The extra 400mm widening of the tracks allows the machine to lower its center of gravity allowing the machine to work on slopes of up to 60 degrees.

The machine operates on hydraulics and is equipped with a diesel common rail turbo intercooler engine with low fuel consumption that has high torque even at low rpm.

The LV800 can be operated up to a distance of 500m from the operator if need be however it is never advised to operate machinery out of your line of sight. 

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